Merge is a 20 man guild on Silvermoon EU. We are raiding three nights a week for three hours each and therefore strive to maintain a high quality and consistency.

The guild also aims to be more than just a raiding guild with active players doing activities together outside raid such as weekly alt raids, old content, achievement runs and much more.

We are looking for dedicated, enthusiastic players, who can adapt quickly, always strive to improve, can work in and actively contribute to a high-end raiding community.  A trialist is judged on how well they fit in with focus on attitude towards raiding, how much they aim to improve, how well they can perform and how they take criticism and use that to become even better.

During progression, due to the high aiming nature of Merge we expect you to attend all planned raids with holidays and emergencies as exceptions, because sometimes life just gets in the way! You also need to be prepared for the raid, meaning you need to know the tactics for bosses ahead as well as have flasks, pots etc. We expect our raiders to help developing tactics and come with their own ideas for progress. 

We are currently considering all classes/specs as we are expanding our roster for Warlords of Draenors upcoming Mythic Raids. As stated above we are more interested in the player than the character, however if you are swapping main you will have to prove that you are committed and can perform well with that character.

Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:15 - 23:15

1  Hunter

1  Dps Death Knight
1  Feral Druid with a working OS
1  Mage
1  Boomkin


Exceptional players for Warlords!

14/14 Mythic

Pre Patch
14/14 Heroic (10M)
14/14 Heroic (25M)